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The Manufacture and Supply of Granulated Metal Products is our core business. We supply Abrasive Media to a wide variety of customers in Europe, North America, Africa, Asia and Australasia.
We Are Serviced by Manufacturing plants located in USA, Canada , France , Japan , Korea , Slovakia, South Africa and Germany.
Customers such as BMW, SANDVICK, TUSSEN KRUPP, ARCELOR and ACERINOX are regular customers being serviced directly or via our network of distributors.
Sigma Parts & Abrasives (Pty) Ltd. is part of a global group of Companies servicing North America, Europe, Asia, Africa and Australia.
North America is servised by Abrasivesmfg LLC, Europe by Ampere alloys and Kuhmichel GmbH, Asia and Australasia by Sigma Parts & Abrasives Pty Ltd. All other regions are servised by Sigma Wear Parts directly.
Metallic and Non-Metalic abrasive media as well as associated Consumables and Spare parts are standard supply items.

Sigma manufactures 14/16% FeSi for use in Dense medium processes. Production of both Milled and Atomized variants are produced. Sigma Supplies a number of leading Mining operations, In southern Africa the product is marketed under the brand name of Imexar.
Sigma Wear Parts (Pty) Ltd
All the production Technology and processes have been developed in House and are the sole property of Ryan Industries and/or Sigma Wear Parts (Pty) Ltd
Global Manufacturer and Supplier of Abrasive Media and Dense Media Powder.