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Dense Medium Separation Using 14/16% Ferrosilicon
The use of suspensions of a dense Powder mixed with water to achieve an artificial Dense Liquid or suspension is used in many dense medium separation plants. In applications ranging from Mineral beneficiation, recovery of diamonds or separation of scrap metal in recycling operations.

Ferrosilicon dense medium powders have a relative density of +7.0g/cm3. This allows the formation of suspension fluids with a relatively high density as compared to suspensions using oxides. As such 14/16% Ferrosilicon dense medium powders are commonly used in the minerals processing and recycling industry.

Many factors affect the performance of any Dense medium processing plant and the choice of the correct Dense Medium Powder is critical. We supply a range of different size grades of Dense medium powder in both Milled and water Atomised form. Each has a different characteristic and needs to be matched to the processing plant and product being fed to the Dense medium process.

The key properties of a dense medium Suspension are summed up as the RHEOLOGY of the suspension, split into its three components,
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Minerals Beneficiation.
Diamond Recovery .
Metal Recycling.
Milled 14/16% FeSi DMS
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