14/16% FeSi Dense Media Powders - Classification of Losses:
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Classification of Losses:
Ferrosilicon losses in a Dense media circuit are caused by many factors, mostly plant and operation related. Essentially the following is a summary of the main areas of FeSi losses:

Through the choice of our high quality 14/16% FeSi Dense media, a significant effect on minimizing the losses in each of the areas of potential loss can be achieved.
We at Sigma pride ourselves in producing our Dense Medium Powders in a highly-controlled, modern production environment, ensuring consistency and reproducibility in every ton produced. Unique chemical controls, unique sizing controls makes our product more stable, more predictable and more constant than the other producers.
In order to Minimize the above potential areas of losses, we at Sigma produce our 14/16% FeSi using Induction Furnaces and then granulating to a fine consistent sized feedstock for the Milling process. This ensures specific chemistry control of Fe and Si as well as allowing ultra low C contents. This imparts High corrosion resistance, High Magnetic susceptibilities and good mechanical / Abrasion resistance to the 14/16% FeSi powder.
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