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- Cast Steel Shot is Spherical or "Round".
- The Product is Fully heattreated and supplied in the Quenched and Tempered (Drawn) Condition.
- This makes the Product very Durable with a high Resistance to Fatigue, giving Optimum Cleaning Efficiency.
- Steel Shot is ideally suited for Wheel Blast Applications as it is a Round Product and remains Round for its working life. Thus Minimizing the Wear on the Wheel Blast Machines.
- As the Shot Impacts. it Ricochets of the Work Piece and the Surrounding Structures giving Multiple Impacts. This Increases the Potential of the Shot to Reach areas of the Work Piece that would normally be Inaccessible to Direct Line of Sight Blasting.
- Cast Steel GRIT is Angular in Shape and is produced by Crushing Large Steel Shot Particles.
- GH Steel Grit
- Is the Highest Hardness Steel Grit (+61 HRc). It remains Highly Angular in its Operating Mix. It is Ideal for Deep Descaling and Roll Etching applications. It is well suited for Air-blast applications where it gives High Cleaning Rates. It is Not Suited for Wheel Blast Applications unless the Wheel Machine has been Specifically designed for GH Steel Grits.
- The Product is Fully heattreated and supplied in Various Hardness Ranges to Suit Different Applications.
- GL Steel Grit
- Is Softer ( 54 - 61 HRc) than GH but does not Round up as readily as the Softer GP or GS Steel Grit. It will keep a Semi-Angular Shape throughout the Blasting process and is ideal for High Efficiency Closed Circuit Blast Rooms, giving High Cleaning Rates with Good Efficiency and Product Life. GL Steel Grit will Increase the Wear Rate of Wheel Blast machines compared to Steel Shot.
- GS/GP Steel Grit
- Is designed mostly for Wheel Blast Applications where a More Aggressive Blasting action is Required compared to that Achievable with Steel Shot. The Lower Hardness (GP: 47 - 56HRc, GN/GS 40-51HRc) Grit means that it can still be used in Wheel Machines without there being a Significant Increase in the Maintenance Costs due to Wear Caused by the Abrasive.
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