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The above figures have been obtained on new hot rolled mild steel plate, with no significant degree of surface contamination. These figures are intended as a guide only.
Surface profile is a function of a number of factors:
- The hardness of the Surface being Prepared.
- The Hardness and the size of the Abrasive to be used.
- The Velocity of the Abrasive.
- The Degree of Contamination of the Surface
- In choosing a Metalic abrasive to obtain a specific Profile, the following acts as a good guidline.
-Steel Grit
- Will leave a angular indentation.
-Steel Shot
- Will leave a saucer shaped Indentation.
-GH Grit
- Will Clean / Profile Faster than GL/GP Grit.
-GL/ GP Grit
- Will have a lower Consumption Rate than GH Grit
- If the Surface is a hard Surface a GH Grit will be more advisable than a GL Grit.
- For Air Blast a GH or GL Hardness is recomended .
- For Wheel Blast Machines, if Wear of the Machine Parts is a concern then a GP Grit or Shot is the recommended Product.
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