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Sigma Wear Parts (Pty) Ltd
Global Manufacturer and Supplier of Abrasive Media and Dense Media Powder.
Quality Control
Quality and process control are the key drivers of our sucess.

Each of our products is initially produced in Induction melting furnaces, where the melt chemistry is trimmed to bring the melt into strict accordance with the product specification.

This is then followed by a specific degassing phase to ensure optimum metal quality.

The products then enter the next phase of production where they are dried, processed and classified before final packaging.

During this phase the differant materiasl are tested multiple times for screen analysis, morphology, durability, hardness, microstructure and specialized testing like specific and relative densities, Corrosion, Magnetic Susceptibility, work hardening etc.
At Sigma we distribute worldwide directly through
our own affiliated companies

Sigma Wear Parts - Africa and Middle East.
Sigma Parts & Abrasives - Australia and Far East
Abrasives-mfg LLC - North & South America

And partner Companies

Kuhmichel Abrasive GmbH - Europe
Imexsar - Worlwide

At any One time we hold directly in excess of 1000 metric tons of stock and our partner companies hold a further 800 - 1000 Metric tons.

This ensures that in most cases we can despatch orders on time and also meet any of our customers unforeseen stock shortages

All of our products are backed up by sales and service technicians who can make site visits to offer assistance and advise in the use of the products